"I have nothing to say and I am saying it."

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I need a miracle, Tumblr.


This is my fantastic husband, Charlie, and me, Mara. (aka fattyforever)

We are in the most desperate financial situation of our adult life. We have been without power for 4 days now, with no clear end in sight. My husband and I have been searching for any type of assistance or emergency loan…

my dad just asked me to drive him to the city and i said “sure!” but then i remembered that i have to buy my friend a birthday gift for her huge fucking big deal party tomorrow, and he was like “fine, i’m trying to reach out and get you driving, but that’s your decision. just understand that i’m trying to help you” likeĀ 

im not trying to avoid it you piece of shit!!!! i wanted to, but i have something i need to do, and today is the only day to do it!!!! i don;t have time today to drive you to your tai chi class and wait around for you for an hour!!!!!!! I HAVE SHIT TO DO!!